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Lymphatic Drainage Massage

The lymphatic system is made up of lymphocytes which contain a mixture of proteins, water, waste products and immure-response elements. This lymphatic fluid is processed by lymph nodes which are located in the neck, groin, underarm, elbows and posterior knees. The Sheila Perez method utilises this system and focuses on massaging the body to promote the turnover of this fluid, while releasing the tissue surrounding these lymph nodes vigorously.


Kathleen is a Sheila Perez Method Trained lymphatic Specialist. This method is a lymphatic, body sculpting massage technique that incorporates heavy hands-on release, as well as myofascial massage techniques to help sculp, smooth and lift tissue, particularly in areas of hormonal concern. It is an aesthetic massage that involves vigorous and specific movements to help assist fluid drainage, toxin removal, improve skin integrity and promote wellness. This technique is particularly focused on the hips, waist, buttocks and abdomen to promote slimming, sculpting and immunity improvement.


After a Sheila Perez treatment, you should expect to feel energised, lighter more toned and potentially thirsty. These changes can last for days and or weeks depending on a level your activity. It is recommended to have a treatment at least once a month, allowing a minimum of 5 days between treatments to allow the body time to recover.



After Kathleen had her first treatment during her training, she instantly became obsessed with this treatment style and cannot wait to perform this technique on all her clients.

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