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At Mover Better.Co Kathleen take a modern and committed approach to your physical health. By assessing the root cause of your concerns, Kathleen will work with you to be your healthiest self. Using a variety of techniques such as manual therapy, cupping and dry needling, Kathleen is able to move past a short-term solution and look at your long term health. Physiotherapy is a science-based health care profession that aims to maximize human movement with freedom from stress and pain. Physiotherapy will maintain and restore optimal movement and function after illness or injury and improve quality of life through physical freedom.


 Physiotherapy service can help you recover from many common injuries, such as:

Back, Neck and Jaw pain

Temporomandibular Disorders
Sports Injuries
Injury and Post-operative Rehabilitation
Acute Care
Maintain Functional Mobility
Maintain The Best Achievable Health In People With Chronic Illness
Trapped and Tender Nerves
Occupational Injuries
Arthritis Pain

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