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Using specialized treatment techniques and exercises personally tailored to you, I can help you build strength, flexibility and condition your body to allow you to move better and feel better in your everyday life.



I use a hands on approach to Physiotherapy, aiming to quickly target the root cause of the injury and effectively treat the body as a whole rather than simply treating the acute area. By treating this way, you are able to achieve longer lasting results to better heal your injury, and prevent any further decline.

I have been trained in and utilise a variety of treatments including active release technique, dry needling, cupping, manual therapy and joint mobilisations to achieve the best possible outcome for you.



Alongside the hands-on therapy, I offer a tailored training program with incorporated stretches, triggering techniques and stability exercises to help relieve symptoms and assist the progression of healing. Ongoing use of this tailored program will ensure specific and measurable outcomes for continued rehabilitation.


The last and longest phase, is the strengthening phase. Or as I like to call it, the ‘lifestyle’ phase. This comes after the acute injury site or pain symptoms have been resolved. This is a further progression from the rehabilitation program, aiming to build strength and control in the areas of injury to help prevent any relapse of symptoms. This phase is ongoing and can be updated every 6 weeks.

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